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Play MiniRadio on your android with this QRcode for ourapp. Accept in your cellphone the security  options.The only thing that the app is doing, is playling ourstream on a easy way for you.No spam, no  shit or other hidden things.

wilt u  muziek uit de 60-70 & 80 samen met de grootste Vlaamse & Nederlandse hits horen knallen, luister dan naar  Miniradio 2

Who  We Are

We got the new world in our hands. Mini Radio Belgium is a radio for sharety.

We are 2 DJ’s with together, more dan 50 years experiance in radio.

We are Vincent and Mario ex DJ´s of more than 50 radiostations in Belgium. We want to make a community for the world with good intentions for the animals, nature and good human beeings.

We don´t accept money. Give it to org´s if you want, or take care of an animal or protect them.

Mini Radio wants to unite all the good people together for a stronger believe in animals and the world. We must take care of our planet without too many criminal facts.


VINCENT met nieuwste hits uit diverse hitparades 

dinsdag en donderdag. van 18 tot 19u.

Defected Radio Show by SAM DIVINE

vrijdag van 17 tot 18u.

KEVIN DOOP  in the Mix

vrijdag van 18 tot 19u.


vrijdag van 19 tot 21u.

DIRK DE GROOTE in the mix

vrijdag van 21 tot 22u.



vrijdag van 22 tot 23u.

DJ HUMAANÖ - in the Mix

zaterdag van 17 tot 18u

DJ OM - Melodic Trip.

zaterdag van 18 tot 19u


zaterdag van 19 tot 20u

DJ MARKEE in the mix

zaterdag van 20 tot 21u. 


DJ SERGE in the mix

zaterdag van 21 tot 22u.

DiYANAMIC Radio show

zaterdag van 22 tot 23u.

GUEST- DJ in the mix

zondag van 17 tot 18u.

send your dj-mix-set to


zondag van 18 tot 19u.

DJ Masjestex - Majestic Beatz

zondag van 19 tot 20u.

MISTER TVA in the Mix

zondag van 20 tot 21u.

Spinning Sessions

zondag van 21 tot 22u.


Watchdog on the net in het weekend.


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You saw something with animal abuse or egually?

In first instance Call the Police or Animal Wellfare in your region.

You called the Police or Animal Welfaire with no result, let us know  or call +32 468 04 05 52

Or text your sms message.

You want to organise an event for your org?

Like us on facebook and search for our FB Manager Daisy.

Realtime questions or wellfaire: Ask Daisy to accept a friendship on FB and ask your questions.

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